Jade’s Story Project!

Okay so here’s the dealio:

In order for me to continue and finally finish this darn story (that I’ve been working on for almost 2 years) I need one final help from everyone that has joined Jade’s party.

I’m going to need each party member to draw their character attacking an invisible enemy.

What I’m going to do is make a sort of collab, I’ll take the drawn pictures and draw in the enemy myself and post them (crediting everyone of course)

Here are some crappy examples of what I would like:

Hope that these are pretty clear llD If you can, I would prefer your character with a transparent background.

If your character doesn’t want to attack the enemy, please draw their reactions to the battle. I’ll include those as well.

Now for those that don’t have their own art, I’ll be more than happy to draw you myself.

Here is a master list of everyone that has joined (or will join) Jade’s party:

If the following people could draw their character attacking an invisible enemy and get that to me whenever they can, that would be lovely!

In order to continue with my story, I’ll need everyone who’s joined my party to draw themselves attacking something.

I’ll make a more in depth post later giving out more details and making a master list of who joined.

Exciting updates coming soon!



"I just… want to know why…"

((yooo this is my first time drawing a terrakion))





"I believe that such a venture would be beneficial for her growth, and she is quite strong now."

"Please look after her, as she would to you."

"Celeste will be safe with me…"

Feel free to ask Jade some questions while she’s on her journey.



Dratini, Dragonair, or Dragonite by request. Love this picture.


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